Finding the point of balance is never easy.  It is especially difficult when it comes to producing food and goods for a global population of 7billion+ without harming our natural world and environment beyond the point of sustainable thresholds.

Balance 13x11cm
“Balance” Etching by Sonia Martin http://www.soniamartin.co.uk

The UN say that at the current rate of degradation the world’s topsoil could be gone within 60 years. 

Climate scientists predict that if we continue with “business-as-usual”, global warming will almost certainly exceed 4C by the end of this century. 

Mankind’s selfish gene has led to prevarication and inaction, to the detriment of our own long-term interests.  Consequently, we face dire predictions on the future.  The UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), believe we have less than two decades to limit the effect of climate change “in order to avoid irreversible changes to eco-systems and the planetary climate system.”

The task ahead is daunting, but maybe now is when hope burns brightest;   we are a highly adaptable and ingenious species.  When it is in our interests to act, we can achieve amazing things.  Radical action is now in all our immediate interests.

And really good people are already doing really good work to achieve the transformation we need.  Here’s a selection of just some of the people and organisations whose work gives me real cause for hope. 

Prof. Dieter Helm
Oxford University
Economist, author
Chair of Natural Capital Committee (NCC)
Dieter's twitter feed
NCC's twitter feed
Prof. Michael Lee
Bristol University
Ruminant Nutritionist
Prof. of Sustainable Livestock Systems
Head of Sustainable Agriculture, Rothamsted Research's North Wyke Farm Platform,
Michael's biography

Livestock farming needs to prove its part of the solution, not the problem
Rothamsted ResearchNorth Wyke Farm Platform's long-term, farm-scale experiments to assess the impacts of grazing livestock to sustainable farmingRothamsted Research website
Jacqueline HannamSoil Scientist at Cranfield University
Soil Science Council member
Jacqueline's twitter feed
Prof. Johan RockstromDirector of Stockholm Resilience Centre 2004-12. Developed the "Planetary Boundaries Framework"Planetary Boundaries Framework & TED Talk
Mike Berners-Lee
Lancaster University
Fellow of the Institute of Social Futures, author and expert on carbon footprintingMike's twitter feed
Sustainable Food TrustFounded by Patrick Holden
A global voice for sustainable food and health
Thought-leader on sustainable farming in harmony with nature
SFT website
Oxford Real Farming ConferencePioneer and thought-leader on sustainable food & farming. Excellent (and affordable) conference held annually, beginning of January
orfc website
Rare Breeds Survival Trustcharitable trust to monitor, protect, and champion the diversity of UK native breeds of farm animalsRBST website
Food Ethics Councilthink-tank charity with mission to accelerate shift towards fair food systemsFood Ethics Council website
Lucy Sieglejournalist and writer on environmental issues. Campaigner, author of Turning the Tide on PlasticLucy's twitter feed
Raw Milk Producers' AssociationCo-operative society owned and run by producers of raw drinking milkRMP's website
RSA - 21st century enlightmentAn ideas and enlightenment factory!
Its mission is to enrich society through ideas and action
RSA website
Exmoor National Park's "Exmoor Ambition"A community-led action plan to enhance and sustain Exmoor's farmed landscape and communitiesExmoor Ambition plan
Martin Lines
and Nature Friendly Farming Network
3rd generation arable farmer in Cambridgeshire
Chair of Nature Friendly Farming Network (NFFN)
Martin's twitter feed
NFFN website
James RebankLake District farmer of hefted Herdwick sheep flock
Author of The Shepherd's Life
James' twitter feed
Linscombe Farmorganic vegetable growersLinscombe website
Ethical Dairypioneering their own way of dairy farming to make it kinder, more sustainable and ethical
Ethical Dairy website
Ethical Dairy's twitter feed
Fir FarmCotswold livestock farm and producer of 100% pasture-fed meatFir Farm website
Wildlife EstatesEuropean network of farms and estates aiming to sustainably manage land to enhance bio-diversityWildlife Estates' twitter feed
Barker BoysSuffolk arable farm where top yields go hand-in-hand with farming for nature. Barker Boys' twitter feed
Blackhill Organic FarmExtensive grazing of native breed cattle and sheep naturally adapted to produce high quality meat from pasture.Blackhill Farm website
Pasture Fed Livestock AssociationSociety of British farmers committed to producing meat and dairy from livestock managed on natural 100% pasture-fed dietPFLA website
PFLA's twitter feed
The Dartmoor Inn, Dartmoor, DevonPhil Burgess & Andrew Honey cook great food using the best quality local, native breed, grass-fed meatThe Dartmoor Inn website
St Tudy Inn, St Tudy, CornwallEmily Scott, goes the extra mile to source the best local ingredients. Great ethos, great foodSt Tudy Inn website
St John Restaurant, LondonFergus Henderson, the original proponent of food thrift and zero waste with his own "nose-to-tail" eating philosophy. Author of classic, "Nose to Tail Eating - a kind of British Cooking"St John restaurant website
St John's twitter feed
There's more!Let me know who and what gives you cause for hopecatherine@catherinebroomfield.com

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