About Me

Catherine Broomfield2

As a society we have big issues to address; climate change, the degradation of our natural world, and the human health issues arising from a world population that is, all at once, under-fed, over-fed, and badly-fed. 

Through my practical experience as a farmer of cattle and sheep, I see first-hand the beneficial role of grazing ruminants within pastoral and mixed farming systems.  My views on the practice of farming are aligned with agroecological principles.  

Producing sufficient quantities of nutritious food for world populations, whilst maintaining a thriving bio-diverse natural world, is one of the grand challenges of our times.   As with many areas of our economy, farming has to transform to meet the challenge.  Some aspects of farming should stop, others aspects are vital to retain and develop.  I believe grazing livestock are an essential element of a sustainable food & farming system.  Red meat produced from livestock raised in this way provides a healthy and sustainable source of protein when consumed as part of a balanced diet. 

The past 70 years of agricultural policy has driven forward highly intensive farming on an industrial scale, focused exclusively on yield.  Whilst this approach has succeeded in producing vast quantities of food, the cost has been too great.  Nature, food nutrition, health, and fair trade along the length of the food supply chain, have all paid a heavy price.  So too has the sacred covenant of trust and understanding between farmers and society.

Farming systems that sustain and regenerate both people and nature are the way forward.    I am one voice among many within farming and across wider society, who believe it is essential that the next 70 years of farming is focused on health; health of people and of planet.

Through my writing and journalism, I aim to add a balanced and progressive voice to the public debate about what society needs from its future food & farming system.

Through my consultancy, I work with inspiring businesses and not-for-profits who share my passion for farming that sustains healthy people and planet. 

Through collaboration many voices become one, and change can happen.

Welcome to my site.  I hope you find connections to inspiring people, as well as words and ideas to provoke interest and inspiration!

Email Catherine at catherine@blacklakefarm.com